Types of online soccer betting bets in soccer gambling

Handicap – In this type of bet we choose which team wins with the voor conditions that have been determined. There is a count of winning half and losing half depending on the voor given in one match.

Over Under or O/U – This bet type we only guess the judi bola terpercaya number of goals in one match. Depends on whether you want to choose half time or full time. In this bet we are given a predetermined value limit. Then we bet whether the result is Over or Under.

1 x 2 – How to bet is very easy, just choose 1, x, or 2. Where 1 to choose the home team that wins or x for a draw. And the last is 2 which means we choose for the away team.

This bet does not use a voor system so it is very easy to play. The odds value is determined to determine the amount of how much winning we receive.

Mix Parlay – In this bet we can bet for 3 teams with different betting capital. Mix Parlay has a higher odds value. However, there is a provision in the mix parlay, namely if there is 1 match that we choose to lose, then our mix parlay bet is declared lost.

Outright – The betting method is very easy, just guessing the final score. Odds in outright are very dynamic as they change constantly as the game progresses.