type of gambling soccer online in indonesia popular

Over under / OU

If you want an easy type of gambling, maybe over under could be the choice. Because as the name implies, players only need to make a guess whether the result of the match is above (over) or under (under) the odds opened by the dealer.

In playing online soccer betting, we will see the odds value posted on the site. For players who do not bandar bola online understand the history of football matches and their performance, then they should use this value to make predictions correctly.

The odds of winning over under bets are also higher than other gambling models. Suitable to be played by beginners who are still having trouble predicting soccer match scores.

Odd Even / OE (Odd – Even)

There is one more easy gambling model that you can choose when you want to place a bet, namely odd-even bets or odd-even bets. This market also has a big winning chance as before.
The mechanism, players make predictions about the total score of the ball game, including odd or even. You will be declared a winner if the total score matches what you have predicted, regardless of the score.