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Pussy888 Slot Game Online

A new online gambling application in Malaysia that offers players a variety of games. it will bring you the most intense online gaming experience. Pussy888 online slot games give you a more than usual gaming experience, its products vary from exciting slot games to live and multiplayer games. such as Fishing, Live Roulette, Baccarat and more.

Glory Of Rome Pussy88
Glory of Rome is an upscale pussy888 video slot by software provider Microgaming, which comes with five reels, three lines, and 20 adjustable paylines. the game takes time spinning in an era when the Roman Empire was at its peak of glory and features symbols in this vein, including Caesar himself, a young Roman woman, a lion, a gladiator, and a Roman chariot with two horses. The reels spin against a blue background with a damp Roman flag in line with the overall theme of the pussy88 slot game.

The game is impressive with a beautiful and organized layout that completes the quick and easy navigation. Other merits in this Microgaming slot include additional symbols such as wilds and spreads, the Rome Glory Bonus Feature, and free spins to win without risk. The game can be played from 0.20 only, with Bet denominations ranging from 0.01 to 0.50. The flexibility of this betting range makes Glory of Rome an attractive option for all-persuasive spinners as both short-estimated slot fans and high rollers can provide it.

Simbol Khas Glory Of Rome

The maximum number of Glory of Rome players can expect to compete on 5,000 times the line bet is quite appropriate. to win a big win, you have to match five Caesars on the activated payline. the symbol of Caesar carries another important function, that of the wild. therefore, it replaces other symbols so that if you lack an icon on a particular combination, you can rely on Caesar to get the job done. provided that you are lucky, of course.

There is only one exception that the wild Caesar cannot replace and it is another special symbol in the game, the scattered gladiators. easy spread is one of the most important symbols in any video slot and the glory of Rome is no exception. three or more scattered gladiators who make an appearance on the reel trigger a second screen bonus game that can result in free spin rounds or various cash prizes. another advantage that scattered gladiators can offer is that they reward players with payouts in either direction as opposed to remaining symbols that can generate cash prizes just from left to right.

Games And Bonus Features
As you might understand from the previous section, the glory of Rome increases players ’chances of making a profit with side games and free spins. the side game in question will be activated when three or more spreads hit the reels. once this happens, you are initially given 8 rounds at no charge. the bonus game itself is a Pick-and-Win variation as the spinner is presented with nine gladiator shields.

Symbol Two on the payline Three on the Payline Four on Payline Five on Payline
IX 0 5 25 100
X 0 5 25 100
J 0 10 30 125
Q 0 10 30 125
K 0 15 50 150
A 0 15 50 150
Lion 0 20 100 250
Helmet 0 20 100 250
Roman Chariot 4 25 200 500
Roman Woman 5 50 500 1500
Caesar 10 150 1000 5000
Scatter 2 5 20 100

The goal is to select four shields, with each containing either a guaranteed cash prize or 8 additional free spins. when you choose a shield with a cash prize, the profit you collect amounts to 10 times your trigger bet. moreover, it is impossible to restore further free rotation during the feature, at least not with the same triggering conditions https://jeflug.com/. only the shield can produce a few extra free spins. also, all wins players earned during their free spin period are actually doubled by a multiplier.

Additionally, players can use the Autoplay feature to automatically rotate the reels the amount of their choice they want. Statistics on betting sessions are also available. one small detail that made a lasting impression on us was that the developers of Microgaming had decided to use Roman numbers IX and X for the lowest payout combination that equaled the Nine and Ten Card values. This really shows how attentive the Microgaming team is when it comes to details.

in conclusion

This Microgaming Rome themed offering is indeed very impressive in terms of visuals, audio, and additional functionality. The game stands out from other slots with the same theme thanks to the radiant, rich colors that really compliment the game. Speaking of games, you can be sure that you will not have any problems with this Microgaming slot. the game runs smoothly without any hitches which makes the game session fun and easy.

There is more to the Glory of Rome than the incredible visual presentation. players will benefit from a variety of additional features, which help diversify the game and collect more wins. there are lucrative wild and scatter symbols that allow for more chances of winning. the Microgaming team demonstrated an innovative approach towards slot development by combining two popular features into one-the sower activates both a free spin round and a Pick-and-Win bonus game type. in conclusion, Glory of Rome is worth checking out if you are looking for an originally designed video slot with a nice variety of symbols and special features. you can play Glory Of Rome through our website vvip96.neton our web site there are many tips for winning the game.

Tips For Choosing Online Slots

The world of online slots is full of fun and excitement, but it can get a little warm at any given time. these days, we all face a wealth there are so many options available when it comes to online slot games that it is sometimes impossible to make any decisions at all. and, when you finally make your choice, you may be wondering if you really made the right decision.

Today, there are many more new online slots games being launched every month, and each one offers something different. not only that, but there’s a whole load of game jargon to go along with those that aren’t always clear.

It’s not to say that if you’re playing with real funds, you want to know where those funds are going and you’re not being scammed. one surefire way to frustrate any frustration in the bud is to make sure that:
1. You are playing a game https://thembospecialist.com/ from a fully trusted official game provider like vvip96.net
2. You are playing at the same fully controlled casino.

In this article, we provide you some useful tips to help you understand the world of malaysian online slots and get you started in your quest for the best online slots for you.

7 Tips for Choosing Online Slots

1. Slot type

Let’s start with the basics and look at the types of online slots. First, ask yourself what you want out of your game. If it’s a simple little session, then you should go for a 3-reel slot. This is the closest type to an archetypal fruit machine, with three reels and a fairly intuitive gameplay.

However, if you play some of the more serious games of your online slots, you will prefer a 5 reel slot or a special reel set, such as the hexagonal structure you find in Siberian Storm. this expands the game and introduces more variations for players.

In addition, some games have incorporated movie clips to speed up the action, so if you enjoy the element of virtual reality, then you’ll want to go for titles like Jurassic Park. Finally, you should consider the bonus features and how much they enhance your enjoyment. if, for example, you get an adrenaline rush from free spins, or Wild (a symbol that can replace other symbols to make wins and launch additional features), or even from bonus games, then go for the likes of Jumanji or Guns n ‘Roses – a game full of bonus features.

Special Features

Special features come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are much like the slot theme. with the ever-increasing number of malaysian online slots being released, game developers and designers are always working hard to produce more innovative in-game concepts that reward players. that is to say, most of these features are still in predefined categories. let’s outline them:

  • Wild- Wilds take the place of other symbols except the bonus and scatter symbols. In some cases, wild combinations can result in high payouts. There are many different types of wild, each with a different purpose:
    • Normal Wild
    • Stacked/Cascading Wild
    • Sticky Wild
    • Walking Wild
    • Exploding Wild
    • Wild in Configuration
    • Random wild
    • Scatter- These symbols tend to give a win even if they are not in line with the salary / bet. they are also often used to unlock free spins or bonus games if you get 3 or more (depending on the game).
    • Multiplier – This multiplies your winnings. if you win x15 of your bet and you have a multiplier of x2 applied to it, that means you win x30. Multipliers can be introduced in a number of different ways depending on the game: through specific symbols, randomly, increasing progressively with your winnings, in basic games, bonus games, or both.
    • Cascading/Falling/Swoopping Rell- (already mentioned above) when you make a win, the symbol in the winning combination disappears and is replaced with another symbol. this can produce a winning snowball effect in a row as long as the winning combination appears on the reels.
    • Bonus Games- There are many bonus games. however, most of them seem to fall into 3 categories: Choose n Click, Watch It Happen, and Press Stop.
    • Free Spin- Free spins are basically free spins. they can be awarded internally, that is, by obtaining the required number of Scatter Symbols on the reels or by completing a goal. otherwise, they can be awarded externally, which means that the casino itself gives you free spins. the latter may come with certain conditions (refer to the T&C for that particular free spin offer). Sometimes, adjectives like ‘big’, ‘super’, etc. are used instead of the word ‘free’ in free rotation. This usually means that this free rotation has a higher value than normal. Alternatively, ‘Real Spins’ spins freely with no wagering requirements.
    • Re Spin- Very similar to Free Spin. meeting special conditions will trigger a re-spin. sometimes, you can trigger consecutive rotations by fulfilling the same conditions during re-rotation.
    • Nudges And Scattering event – An in-game event that pushes symbols around or redistributes them to give you a better chance of winning combos.
    • Synchronized Reel- A feature / event that locks 2 or more reels together while spinning.
    • Other Random Event- An event that is triggered randomly and increases your chances of winning as the Wilds drop the reels.
    • Achievements- Some slots move closer to video games by adding achievements such as leveling or trophies. this usually affects the game either by improving your skills or by simply increasing your chances of winning more.

2. Payline amount

What is the payline you can ask. A payline is a line of symbols that you have to create to get paid. of course, the classic will be three different dollar signs in the middle: $$$. Some mega888 malaysia slot games have only one, or only a few pay lines, such as Dazzle Slots, which means it is easier to focus on the action.

Then there are games with very high paylines, such as Panda Magic Slots – very fun, but they can be hard to follow if you are new. there are also games that allow you to activate the number of paylines you want instead of working with a fixed payline specified by the game.

There are 2 types of bet / pay lines: fixed and adjustable. ‘Fixed’ means that you cannot change the number of lines to bet. While ‘adjustable’ means you can activate any number of lines up to the maximum number allowed.

Alternatives to pay / bet are known in the industry as a way to win. they are somewhat similar but not identical. some games, for example, will not have a pay / bet line. Instead, they will pay whenever there is a combination of superior symbols on adjacent reels, usually from left to right. One type of game that uses this mechanic is a game with 243 ways to win. A well -known example, designed by ELK Studios, is Taco Brothers.

Winning both ways is a nice feature that allows the payline to run not only from left to right but also from right to left. you can see games like The Catfather and Fisticuffs.

3.Bet And Stake Stage

Most games allow you to adjust certain settings such as coin value, coins per line, and more.

The value of a coin is the amount of money you bet on a payline / bet line usually calculated in coins. the Coin Value setting allows you to increase or decrease the monetary value of each coin. These settings are often found in the user interface on the home screen.

Another setting is Dollars Per Line. all of this allows you to choose how many Coins you want to bet per line to double or reduce your bet amount. these settings are also typically available on the main user interface.

That being said, in the case of games like the ones that use 243 ways to win, you won’t put a coin or more in any way. that would be too much. generally, the game has a default bet amount applied to each spin of the reel.

Other related features that you usually find in the main user interface include:

  • Balance Amount – The amount of your available balance
  • Total Bet – The amount of money you bet per spin
  • Max Bet – This automatically sets the maximum amount you want to bet on the next spin

Think about your budget and the length of game sessions you want. if you have RM 20 to spend and want it to last for a while, go for a game that allows low betting levels.

If your style of play is more gung-ho, and you always want to win big, then look for a game with a high limit. there are a nice variety of slots to suit all budgets – Jackhammer is RM 500 per spin, while Royal Feast Slot is only 0.01 per spin.

4.Maximum win per line

You might think that jackpot slots are the only slot games where you can win big. however, there are other slot games with very large max wins.

For example, Book of the Dead has a maximum bet of Rm 50, and a maximum payout of Rm 250,000 and Space Wars has a maximum bet of £ 200 and a maximum payout of RM 400,000.


You will find different types of jackpots when you play online slots.

  • A progressive jackpot is one that literally continues to grow in value as the game progresses.
  • A deposit or jackpot network is one where the prize pool is fed by various games.
  • A local jackpot is limited to a specific place – a specific online casino as opposed to various casinos.

6.RTP and volatility / variance

RTP stands for Return to Player. what you are saying is the percentage of money that will be paid to the player on average over time. important to note here is that this is on average.

You might be wondering what counts as a high or low RTP, right? this is somewhat open to interpretation, but after looking at a few slots, we can safely say the following:

  • 94% or lower – low RTP
  • 95-96% – purata RTP
  • 97% and above – high RTP

Typical RTPs are between 96%and 97%, but some slots have high RTPs, such as Bloodsuckers (98%) and Uncharted Seas (98.6%).

With most games, percentages tend to be set. but in some cases, that percentage increases the more you play or unlock certain features. One example is Rabcat and Microgaming ’s Builder Castle 2 . the game starts with a percentage of 95.5%. Finish the game with a different avatar and the RTP increases to 97.5%.

Another factor to keep in mind is variance or volatility. this indicator tells you about the ‘risks’ involved when you play a slot. you get low, medium or high variance. In fact, this stems from a high chance of winning a small amount with a low chance of winning a large amount. Keep in mind that at vvip96.net , we always mention RTP and fluctuations in our slot reviews.

7.Mobile or desktop

Lastly, it comes down to your options when it comes to devices. Whether you prefer to play at home, or on the go, maybe you like to play on your daily commute.

Working out whether you prefer to play on your mobile or desktop will help you decide which game to use. if you like a bit of both then go for games that work on desktop and mobile, like Starburst or Golden Goddess. you can always check our slot reviews to find out if the game is optimized for mobile.