Understanding The Different Types Of Wild In Online Slots

As a fan of malaysian online slots, you may already be aware that certain symbols trigger bonus features or perform different actions that lead to more wins. wild symbols are the most common symbols found in online slots, but when they appear, they are greeted with joy.

Wild symbols are icons that when they appear on the reels, will replace any other symbol, with the goal of creating a winning combination. however, there is no one type of Wild symbol. over the years, various variations of the Wild symbol have evolved.

Different Types of Wild Symbols

Wild symbols inject the game with an air of excitement every time they appear. as they add an element of flexibility, they are potentially the most helpful symbol and one that is highly valued by all.

Wilds loaded with new features is great news to all malaysian online slot players . Here is a complete list of various wild features that you will encounter while you play online slots.

Stacked Wilds

  • Stacked Wild are wild symbols that appear on top of each other https://ilticino.com/. This happens to create a wild group on the same roll.
  • The potential Stacked Wild is the most preferred of all wilds as it increases the chances of creating a winning combination. any payline that passes this wild may be the winner. in addition, wilds that appear stacked can also mean that they will hit multiple pay lines per spin leading to more winning combinations.
  • Stacked Wilds usually produce vertically on a single reel, however, we also see games where wilds are stacked horizontally.

Expaanding Wild

  • Many malaysian online slots offer Expanding Wild as a feature and they usually work with stacked wilds.
  • The main goal of Stacked Wild is that it allows the Wild to grow as a whole on the reel. it is triggered by certain circumstances on online slot games. for example, if you have a certain number of Wilds on the reel, it will trigger an Expanding Wild.
  • Expanding Wilds work in a similar way to stacked wilds, where they create a full wild reel with the goal of creating more combinations. each payline affected by this Wild, can help create a winning combination for you.

Sticky Wilds

  • Sticky Wilds needs a little introduction. when you play an online slot with a sticky wild feature, it means that somewhere in the game, you will land a Wild and it will remain placed for the duration of another spin.
  • Sticky Wild does not increase your chances of making a winning payline in one spin. instead, they work together with any other common Wild. they benefit from the fact that they stay in place for a few spins, which means you can be sure that one Wild will stay spinning for another spin.

Overlay Wilds

  • The Wild background is a Wild that appears to be stacked in a certain shape and lands on reels to take over different symbols. they tend to appear by chance after your spin is complete. they usually do not appear above the usual Wild.
  • This latest feature is available on most Malaysian online slots, including the Gun ‘n Roses slot game . Wild spreads in this game come in the form of crosses, taking 5 symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4.