What is meant by RAM? Frankly, RAM is not a common name for the state Hindustan, it will be peeled off. RAM stands for random access memory. Simply put, it is a “feature” that acts temporarily to store data on a computer or other intelligent feature.

RAM works by reading program instructions and then running the processor in similar features. In computer features, for example when you turn on various programs and then turn off and turn off the computer, RAM will run while the program is running but the program will not store data that is still running. Storage or drive is the role of collecting data that can be reopened after the computer is turned off. On a computer, there are generally 2, namely HDD and SSD. When you use a smartphone, this is called internal memory or RAM. However, for the storage model, the allocations are not the same.

Inequality Between Notebooks And Desktop RAM
RAM plays an important role in computer capacity. The larger the number of RAM, the better the computer will run programs. In fact, there are a number of computer programs or games that require a specific amount of RAM detail. For example, the Adobe After Effects CC program needs at least 8 GB of RAM. Or, for example, popular PC games like Dota 2 which work well if the computer uses at least 4 GB of RAM.

Some of the Best Gaming RAM Brands 2021The same applies to notebook features. RAM is actually a type of notebook and desktop but has a different form. A computer is said to be a RAM DIMM or dual lane memory module. When in notebooks, small size and so-called SO-DIMM, which is a small line of inline memory modules. DIMM and SO-DIMM size differences can be seen in the picture above.

RAM, generally able to provide a notebook For example, 5 million notebooks generally come with at least 4 GB of RAM. What’s more, users can add RAM capacity because sometimes there are additional slots. PCs are actually more flexible because the number of RAM slots depends on the motherboard used.

Now It’s The Greatest RAM Brand
Now that you understand about RAM and its variants, it’s time to choose one of the best RAM brands referenced below.

1. Corsair
Corsair is a computer hardware manufacturer that has been around since 1994. One of the greatest Corsair products is the DIMM and SODIM models. The Corsair RAM brand is known to last a long time and is light to find. One of the greatest Corsair series is Vengeance which is called one of the Corsair RAM types for gaming. Due to its high quality and reputation, the Corsair RAM price is more expensive than other brands with similar capabilities.

2. G. Skill
G. Skills is a Taiwanese brand that brings high quality RAM. Brand G. Skills are often found in highly detailed PC or notebook features. Like the Corsair, G.Skill also comes at a high price. The price cannot be wooed because G. Skills represent product quality as RAM.

3. Transcend
Transcend is a Taiwanese RAM brand that has been stuck in the production of computer parts for a long time. This brand is very famous in Indonesia and many also buy RAM products from Tansend. Transcend offers vs other RAM at the lowest price, but the product is still of high quality.

4. Kingston
Kingston is a well-known brand in Indonesia for memory units. This brand releases so many products such as Flash, SSD, and of course RAM. “What is the flash drive brand of a million people?” Even if you ask the author. North of Kingston. Kingston has a track record of issuing various types of RAM at affordable prices but with relatively high quality. The most powerful Kingston RAM type is the Kingston HyperX Fury.