Often Lose Online Football Betting? Maybe these are 7 causes

Betwin188 – Often Lose Online Football Betting? Maybe these are 7 causes . Losing a soccer bet is indeed very annoying for all of us, especially for those of you who have been in the world of online soccer gambling for a long time. Not even a few of the bettors are “frustrated” because agen ibcbet terpercaya they lose too often. Therefore, in this article, I will give you a little enlightenment to avoid losing in betting.

Here I’m not discussing the hockey factor or not, because in any field, we definitely need luck. Here I will give some technical and non-technical causes that make you lose in soccer gambling bets. Let’s take a good look at the causes:

Favorite Team

This first cause is the one that most often makes you lose bets. Let’s say your favorite team is Real Madrid, you continue to install Real Madrid regardless of the Vooran. Even though Madrid’s performance has been declining lately, but because you are a big fan you still hold on to Madrid.

Match Schedule

Not knowing a team’s match schedule is a pretty fatal cause for you to bet. The second reason is usually quite often done by novice bettors who only see the match at that time. We don’t have to care about the previous match, instead the next match will be played by the team.

For example, the Villareal vs Barcelona match yesterday which ended with a score of 4-4. I’m sure the majority of bettors will put up at Barca, moreover the vote is only 1 ball. But just so you know, Barca is arguably a bit safe in La Liga with a 10-point advantage over Atletico Madrid. Therefore, Barca save their players to compete in the Champions League this week to face Manchester United.

NgeVoor or DiVoor?

This third cause is the most common thing that happens to every bettor around the world. Now I ask you, do you prefer to see your team attack or defend? It definitely attacks dong and the majority of bettors in the world are like that. In fact, it is a mistake that you should avoid.

In fact, bro, the team that voted was only 25% won from the given Handicap. On the other hand, the divoored team won from a handicap of 75%. This is a secret you should know. Therefore, from now on, often install the favorite team in any league, competition or even friendly matches.

Often Lose Online Football Betting? Maybe these are 7 causes

Mix Parlay Bet

This is the fourth reason you often lose online soccer bets. Not a few bettors who in their hearts “just for fun, who knows the parlay will break”. Bro, you have to get rid of that kind of mindset, you have to change your mindset. Indeed, mix parlay bets only require the minimum possible capital and get the maximum possible results.

Bet Guess the Score

As much as possible, you should avoid guessing the score regardless of the match. Because this is the fifth factor that causes you to lose in online soccer betting. No matter how great an expert, tipster or whoever it is, they will not be able to determine the outcome of a match. Unless you have a Doraemon “time machine” you can only play on this type of bet hehe.
Over Under Corner Kick
This sixth cause is not all experienced by most bettors. However, it is undeniable that this type of corner soccer Over Under bet is very popular, especially for bettors who watch the match. I’ll tell you the key about this OU Corner bet. What you see on TV is the opposite of what is happening.

Account Balance

This last or seventh cause is certain and will happen to anyone. If the balance in your account is large, you will definitely be more comfortable betting without thinking long. Even if you experience defeat, you will definitely continue to install it until the money you suffer comes back to you.

Often Lose Online Football Betting? Maybe these are 7 causes
If you don’t want to lose the bet, first withdraw your money. Don’t wait or be lazy to withdraw bro. I can guarantee that any player will be hot and will continue to bet if the balance is still there. I don’t know why by default, this hand wants to click continuously if the balance is still there, is that right? Because I personally have also experienced it bro hehe.

That’s what I can say in this article, entitled Often Lose Online Football Betting? Maybe these are 7 causes. Hopefully this article will make you less likely to lose in betting. See you again in the next article, happy playing, good luck and greetings withdrawal bro.