The MPL ID season 6 event finally finished in the first week. There are many interesting facts about MPL ID Season 6 that are worth discussing. It shows not only the gameplay that takes place on the battlefield , but also the various speech dramas of the players.

What are you curious about? Here are some interesting facts about MPL ID Season 6 which took place in the first week.

Sanz Plays Very Well in the Onic Esports Team
The next interesting news from MPL ID Season 6 is Sanz’s excellent performance. Sanz’s debut as a substitute for CW in the early game turned out to be satisfying. As the main team carrier, Sanz managed to destroy the Genflix Aerowolf team, giving the Onic Esports team a positive result with a net score of 2-0.

Not only bringing victory to Onic Esports, Sanz gave a new story about MPL ID where he could get 100% of the victims. Then he didn’t even die while facing off against the Genflix Aerowolf.

We’ll have to see how Sanz performs in the next game when Onic Esports welcomes Aura Fire together with the King, RRQ Hoshi.

RRQ Hoshi Wins El Clásico

Who would have thought, in the first week of MPL ID season 6, we immediately presented a very exciting battle between RRQ Hoshi and EVOS Legends. With the new roster, EVOS Legends is not ready to face the power of the king. They had to give up 2-0.

However, when asked about the team’s main roster, Rexxy said the EVOS Legends roster at that time was correct. The absence of a Zeys is not without reason. When asked by KB, Rexxy replied that Zeys was not played because there was a communication problem.

Udil’s absence in the Alter Ego formation
An interesting fact about the premiere of MPL ID Season 6 is the absence of “Lord” Udil in the Alter Ego lineup. Udil is a Mobile Legends community player who can’t wait to play in the opener of MPL ID Season 6, but he doesn’t seem to be coming. In fact, a YAM has replaced its function.

Curious about what happened, defender Alter Ego also said Udil would only attend important matches. I’m still not sure what surprises Udil will throw at MPL ID Season 6, but this time people are really looking forward to his MPL ID debut. Are you one of them?

Team Alter Ego Ritual Before the Match
Listening to music and watching other teams’ matches are common things to do before a game. However, there was one MPL ID Season 6 team who apparently did something unusual when they were about to compete, namely watching TikTok. This is Udil’s team, namely Alter Ego.

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This was immediately said by Ramzu when he defeated Geek Fam ID in the Closing Game MPL ID Season 6 Week 1. At that time, KB Ramzu asked about his team missing a score in Game 2. Unexpectedly, it turned out that Ramzu said that he and his friends forgot to do this. ritual is watching TikTok.

The Viewer Who Gives The Dislike Button
Not only the actions of the players, interesting facts of MPL ID Season 6 are also colored by the behavior of netizens. The livestream constraints experienced by the organizers of MPL ID Season 6 also made netizens angry. Unmitigated, they provide a lot of dislike buttons and make this moment interesting to discuss. Were you the one who pressed the dislike button yesterday? If so, please provide your reasons below.

MPL ID Season 6 First Week Standings
The MPL ID Season 6 event for the first week has finally ended. Lasted for three days, some teams that showed very good performance, but there are also those who still can not maximize. There are also two teams that have only competed once, such as Onic Esports and Aura Fire.

In the results of the temporary standings, MPL ID Season 6 was successfully dominated by the winner of MPL ID Season 5, namely RRQ Hoshi. RRQ Hoshi’s strength in crushing his opponents is getting worse. In fact, the El Classico match which was rumored to be fierce was able to end with a clean score of 2-0.

In the next position, the yellow hedgehog team managed to get one point of victory after they managed to completely shave off the Genflix Aerowolf. The victory won by Onic Esports also became the center of attention, because Sanz as their new roster was able to show an extraordinary performance. It doesn’t even die in the two games that it runs.

Update Baru Patch Notes 1.5.06
Every week, Mobile Legends Advanced Server regularly updates so that the game can run more balanced and more fun to play.

In this patch notes 1.5.06 Mobile Legends, there are a lot of strong heroes who finally get nerfs so they won’t be too overpowered in the next patch.