About Hot Fiesta

For you lovers of the Mexican world, you must be familiar with the theme of this slot game . This game made by Pragmatic Play uses a diorama that is quite thick if we explore deeper in terms of colors, fictional characters, and symbols used and also assisted with audio which makes it seem as if we are enjoying a music festival in it.

Winning Party with Gacor Hot Fiesta Slots
In this Hot Fiesta game , we will find the maestro and also a beautiful prima donna who will accompany us throughout the game and also add a typical Mexican musical instrument that is part of the symbol of the game.

And there are also several other symbols adapted to the Mexican theme of the game.

The volatility of the gacor slot game from Pragmatic Play is quite high, namely 96.56%, which if a game has a high enough number it means that it makes it easier for the players https://edwardmcauliffe.com/ to get a big win value in the short term.

The free spins feature can also be purchased in this game, so if the slotters can’t wait to get the scatter feature then you can buy it in this game.

Hot Fiesta Slots Rules and Symbols
The symbols in this game have their own value and the rules in this game are that all symbols are paid from the left to the right reel and if we get the pimata symbol then the symbol can be multiplied to all symbols.

All symbols pay from left to right on the payline to be selected. All wins earned on free spins will be added up and multiplied by the number of bets per line.

Each symbol has a different value and when the symbol meets a wild symbol, the resulting value will be generated with the bet amount.

The symbols used in this game are quite attractive to the players such as the shape of the letters of the alphabet that are combined to match the picture of lime and also roses found on the letters A and Q and J.

Winning Party with Gacor Hot Fiesta Slots
The musical instruments used also have Mexican elements and are indeed native to the country and there are pictures of tequila glasses as well as guitars and others.

How to Play Hot Fiesta
The credit value shows the value of the balance you have and the bet value shows the number of bets you will play during the game. You can use the – sign if you want to reduce the bet value and the + sign can be used if you want to increase the bet amount.

Winning Party with Gacor Hot Fiesta Slots
When you play and get three or more fireworks symbols, you are entitled to an additional bonus. This fireworks symbol can appear on any reel and does not have to be sequential in its placement.

Winning Party with Gacor Hot Fiesta Slots
Which is where later we will be faced with the next screen which amounts to 9 pinatas and you can choose all the pinatas where in the pinata there are a number of numbers collected to know how many spins we will get.

The minimum number of spins that will be obtained is 9 to 27 spins. So in this additional bonus round, you have the opportunity to spin with various values ​​depending on the amount you will get when you break the pinata.

Winning Party with Gacor Hot Fiesta Slots
While still playing in the bonus round and getting the pinata symbol, the symbol becomes a multiplication adder in the game, and the pinata symbol will remain and always be associated with it until the number of our spins runs out.

This pinata symbol is marked with a multiplication of 2, 3, 5 and 6 where all the symbols will move places in each round and depending on where the pinata symbol will stop.

Winning Party with Gacor Hot Fiesta Slots
And in each round, you will continue to get multiplication for free until the spins you get will run out automatically.

Conclusion Gacor Hot Fiesta Slots
This game can be a favorite game for slotermania who may be bored with the theme of the game that raises the theme of fiction in Pragmatic Play.

In addition to its attractive appearance and easy enough to play, this game has its own value for slotters.

In addition to the bet value that is not too large and the easy way to get the wild bonus symbol in every round, this game is very worth trying for both veteran and new slot players who want to try playing in the world of slots.

The victory obtained does not have to go through the additional bonus round but can also be obtained through the regular round, because the pinata symbol and the beautiful maestro and prima donna symbols can appear at any time in each round.

Those are the reviews and tips for playing Hot Fiesta slots, hopefully they can increase your coffers in playing this Hot Fiesta game.

So, good luck trying sloters and don’t forget, JP greetings to you!!