About Aztec Gemz Deluxe

This Aztec slot game is a hybrid of the previous Aztec Gems game whose origins are both from Pragmatic Play. Carrying the theme of Mayan civilization and wilderness and ancient kingdoms, the graphics of this game are quite attractive to bounty hunters because of their different appearance from the Aztec slot games you used to play before.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
The graphics for the Aztec Gems Deluxe slot itself are quite detailed with a background view of the wilderness interior and also supporting audio. You as a player will find a winding road that takes your imagination deep into the tropical rain forest in which there are treasures that can lead you to a colossal victory that you could never have imagined before.

The players will be spoiled by the graphic display of the Aztec slot as if we as players feel we are treasure hunters who must solve the mystery code in it.

This Aztec Gems Deluxe slot with 3×3 formation with 9 paylines can make you the richest emperor in no time. This game is quite simple and simple but the prizes are extraordinary.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Aztec Gems and Deluxe Aztec Gems?
Here, you must have played the usual Aztec Gemz slots before , the striking difference from the appearance in the Aztec Gems slot is that on the 4th reel position, which has a multiplication of up to 15x, you can’t find it in the Aztec Gems Deluxe slot.

What distinguishes the Aztec Gems Deluxe slot game from the next usual Aztec Gems slot is that it lies in the lucky wheel feature at the end of the free spins or respin rounds. And the value of that extra bonus round of course you can’t find in the usual Aztec Gems slot game.

Aztec Gems Deluxe RTP and Volatility
This game made by Pragmatic Play has an RTP rate of 96.5%, and of course the volatility of this game is quite high. So sloters don’t have to worry and doubt because sloters don’t have too much trouble getting prizes from this type of Aztec slot.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
How to Play Aztec Gems Deluxe
Searching for treasure is, of course, tiring and time-consuming, but that’s not the case in this game. Because the way to get treasure in this game is as follows:

Press the + sign to increase the bet value and the – sign to decrease the bet value on this game.
After you finish setting the value of your bet, you can immediately press the spin button and the reel will start moving.
If you want to play it automatically, a menu will appear where you can choose Turbo Spin, Quick Spin and Skip the screen.
Aztec Gems Deluxe Playing Rules
In this game there are 7 symbols, each of which has a different value, each symbol that appears on the reels must be the same 3 in order to get the previously set value.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
The location of the position to find the same 3 does not always have to be sequential, because the value of this game is paid from left to right and so is the next reel.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
The symbol of the virtual chieftain or also known as WILD can be any symbol and can appear on all reels, it makes it easier for slotermania to get prizes when playing. This feature is quite enough to help players in winning.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
So it doesn’t have to be in a reel that there are 3 certain symbols, with the help of this virtual tribal chief symbol, it can also help slotermania win with symbols that already exist on the reels.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
This blue coin symbol on each reel can also appear to increase the value of your bet, each coin that comes out can be worth a MINI or MINOR JACKPOT. And if on a reel spin, this symbol comes out 4 or more it will trigger the Respin feature.

Respin Aztec Gems Deluxe Features
If when you play, this blue coin symbol appears as many as 4 or more on the reel. You will get a chance to respin 3x and the value of the coin itself varies. When in each reel you get this symbol, then your respin will increase by 1 time.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
All common symbols that we usually find on the reels will disappear and only show coins during the respin. Every coin caught on the screen, the respin will automatically fill itself until all reels are filled with these coins or until your spin runs out by itself.

And later in the end, when the spin ends all the number of coins that we collect will be added up and give you a value that you could not have imagined before. The amount is in the form of a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, 10x which is applied to the total respin winnings. This can also add to the wheel of fortune that you can get too if all the reels are fully loaded.

After that in the final round of respin you will be faced with a WHEEL of LUCK which can increase your balance coffers. The multiples you get are 18x, 28x, 58x, 108x, 128x, 188x, 388x. The value of the wheel of fortune there are 4 choices, namely:

Mini (100x bet)
Minor (250x bet)
Major (500x bet)
Grand (1000x bet)
Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
The smallest bet value in this game is IDR 270 and the maximum is IDR. 1.350.000. Value can be paid if per player combination is on the same payline. When a player wins multiple symbols on a particular payline, all the total winning values ​​will be added to the same winning total.

Latest Pragmatic Play Slot Demo – Aztec Gemz Deluxe
The total value of respins and wins on the lucky wheel will be added to the payline wins and that value will be multiplied by the player’s base bet https://drgrose.com/. All these values ​​will also be automatically added to the player’s account balance after all rounds have been played or the respins have been exhausted.

If a jam occurs while playing, it can cancel all payouts incurred in the game.

Is Aztec Gems Deluxe Worth Trying?
Yes, Mimin is proud to answer, it’s really worth it and it’s worth trying sloters. Because by trying this Aztec Gems Deluxe slot game according to the winning tips above, you can increase the opportunity to win prizes in unusual ways that you can’t find in the Aztec slot games that you used to play before.

In addition to the appearance that is quite different, the audio and visuals that are displayed are enough to make us feel like real treasure hunters.

Happy playing and JP greetings to you!